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Marijuana has three strains, namely indicate, Sativa and the ruderals and each of them have a different effect on the body. Seeing the benefits people are considering the use of marijuana for medical treatment. Depending on the content of the THC present in the plant, it can be used for treating many fatal diseases. Here few benefits of marijuana oil are mentioned so that you can replace pharmaceutical with marijuana oil.

Uses of marijuana oil

  • Digestive system: Marijuana oil is known for its ability to induce appetite by stimulating the digestive system of the body. It is very much helpful for the people who are aiming for putting on some weight after any illness or an injury. Marijuana oil helps to release hormones for hunger stimulation hence can be used for treating anorexia.

  • Reduces anxiety and stress: In our daily life, we often suffer from anxiety and stress due to workload and imbalance meant in our life. Marijuana oil can release the body from any tension or stress and calms the body. Marijuana can be used for treating after trauma effects and as cannabinoids are known for its ability to minimize the stress receptor in basolateral and hippocampus area of the brain.

  • Relieves pain: Marijuana oil is very much known for its pain relieving capability. It helps to provide relief to inflammations or chronic pain. It can reduce difficult pains like of cancer and other fatal diseases.

  • Beautiful skin: Marijuana helps to remove all the dead cells in the skin and induce the growth of new skin cells. It produces a kind of lipid that has the power to heal dryness and itchy skin. It helps in fighting against free radical and reduce any kind of stress that is linked to acne or eczema. It can also be used as a hair oil.

  • Cure asthma: Marijuana smoking can heal problems like asthma. As the THC present in the marijuana can cure asthma without producing any bad effects.

  • Induces sleep: Due to anxiety and restlessness, people often find it hard to sleep properly. Taking marijuana oil can help to reduce this anxiety and thereby inducing proper sleep. It reduces any kind of sleep problem and heals breathing problem while sleeping.

  • Improves vision: Due to intraocular pressure, a medical condition occurs named as glaucoma that reduces the vision. Marijuana can decrease this intraocular pressure when smoked, and it is used as a temporary treatment.

These are some excellent benefits of marijuana oil that have helped medical field a lot.