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Are you frustrated because of your not-so-great harvest? You are not alone! There are so many cannabis farmers who experienced the same thing but now, they have settled as they finally get the harvest they aim for. Yes, it is just a good thing there are so many tips you can easily access online.

These tips below should be able to yield great-tasting weed if followed right:

1. Sometimes, the genes are the reason

This is so true, no matter how you tried your best following some tips but the seeds you use are the reason for the poor result, there is nothing you can do. That said, you should elite seeds or cloned to generate the harvest you aim for.

2. Feed the right amount of nutrients

The thing with cannabis plants is they need tender loving care in the right amount. Yes, you cannot over-feed them and at the same time, they won’t go well when undernourished as well. You should make sure you give the exact amount of what they need.

3. The right atmosphere

Just like when you need to feed them with the right amount of nutrients, the same thing should be done with their environment. This should be easy to fabricate if you are growing the plants indoors. However, if the plants are cultivated under the natural environment, you might have a hard time controlling it. You can just find a way to do this like maybe have them in a greenhouse where you can control the temperature.

4. The right pH

Cannabis plants need the right pH. pH is the unit of measure of the acidity and of the soil. So if you are growing your plants in a natural manner, this should be checked. Note that if the acidity of the soil is less or too much for the plants, certain nutrients will be less available.

5. Wash off excess minerals

No matter how carefully you fertilized your plants, you can’t really expect perfection. This is a way to ensure the great taste, you should flush off excess minerals from the roots, two weeks before the flowering stage.

Don’t be disappointed if you experienced less than you expect. This is expected for new cannabis farmers. There is always a room to grow. You just have to be resourceful for tips and be patient at the same time. Success never happens overnight!