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Every part of the marijuana plant is important starting from its buds to the roots. A lot of individual may think that buds are the most significant part but it is not, technically it’s the roots. No plant can survive without its main channel of nutrients not getting what is necessary. Like any infrastructure, the base and the columns of the building should be strong enough to withstand different types of outside pressure. The roots of a marijuana plant work the same, they are the first line of support and the main passageway for nutrient distribution.

Most marijuana growers practice different techniques on how to maintain a rigid and fully functional marijuana roots. Here are some of those techniques:

• More root space: because roots are the main channels for nutrients to get distributed, it should have a proper room to grow out. Space should be big enough so the roots of the plant can spread even more and take more nutrients in return. The little room may not affect the root growth per se but it can affect its overall height. Replanting can save you from the hassle of plant wastage if little space is provided at the beginning.

• Beware of root insect eater: without proper attention, bugs and other pests can attack the root system. Some pests feed or like to consume the root part of a plant. If this happens, there will be a nutrient deficiency to all parts of the plant and this will cause growth irregularity or the plant may die. Seek a professional help and immediately purchase pest control chemicals or practice other treatment option.

• Proper Watering: over watering and under watering the plant can also damage the root system. Why? Underwatering provides fewer nutrients to plants while over watering can suffocate the root system. It is best to carefully determine how much water you pour into the plant.

Generally, marijuana plants are very sensitive to the changes in its environment. A sudden push of outside and unknown pressure can disrupt its balance and growth. Which is why growers carefully measure everything and every management should be on scheduled chronologically. And did you know that too much sun exposure can also damage the root system? That is why most growers placed marijuana plant in a secured and controlled environment. If you go and proceed with this venture, seek advice first or researched the basics.