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You think that humans are the only ones who need to deal with pests but that is definitely not the case. Cannabis plants have to deal with them as well. While the cannabis farmers will have to wait until their plants are old enough for harvest, these annoying pests seem to think otherwise and they are quite impatient.

This may sound like a light joke but this is really true, pests eat raw plants and they seem to target cannabis plants these days. So if you want to be assured of a good cannabis harvest after taking good care of them, you should be vigilant for them.

Here are some tips you can use to keep your marijuana plants safe from these pests:

1. Be sure to only use sterilized soil

If you don’t want to be surprised by a sudden attack of different marijuana pests, keep your hands off from the unsterilized soil. You see, if you will use just any soil, chances are there are eggs or even larvae at that and in just a matter of time, they can become annoying predators.

2. Take advantage of natural predators

The good thing about nature is it has a balance of everything. It is just all about knowing and taking advantage of them. If you really have to use unsterilized soil, you should make use of natural predators. That is right, there are a number of them and without having to force them, they will be the one to deal with your enemies.

3. Scare them with their enemies’ urine

You might think I’m joking but I am quite serious here. Animals including pests have a keen smell and of course, it goes without saying that they will try their best to keep away from their enemies. Using the urine of these enemies will surely scare them away from your plants.

4. A fence will do for bigger predators

For bigger predators, fencing your plants should solve the problem. Just be sure though the fences are sturdy enough not to give in to them once attacked.

Pests are really such a nuisance that if you can just afford not to deal with them, for sure you would. But sad to say that because of the pungent smell of marijuana plants, they can be found easily. So you can’t do anything but be creative in keeping these pests away from your precious cannabis plants.