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It is already a common knowledge that the cannabis plants can do a lot of good things medically. While others are struggling so hard to find relief in some of the most serious illnesses they are going through such as diabetes, glaucoma, and even cancer, cannabis farmers find relief in marijuana.

Yes, and this is why they try their best to still farm this in a discreet manner just so they have a steady supply of their “medicine”. You can do that same thing as well. You just have to make sure you farmed the cannabis properly as though this is not that hard to grow, still the result might not be as what you expect.

Now, there are instances when a grower forgets and the roots of the plant are infested or in the process of rotting. To salvage the unaffected parts and stop its progression, you can do the following:

Use a hydrogen peroxide solution and run it at your irrigation system. Now, this might be a shocking revelation because most people know hydrogen peroxide as an antiseptic and best for wound cleaning not for root rotting treatment. Scientifically, hydrogen peroxide contains free Oxygen atom which prevents further damage and spread of rotting. Only run a proper amount of solution to prevent rebound phenomena.
One cause of root rotting is the water in the irrigation system. If it is full of bacteria and other harmful organisms then you may need to check out solutions for it. You can either replace the water in the system but run H2O2 first to fully cleanse it.
Change the ph of your system. An acidic environment is detrimental and so does a very basic alkalinity. A neutral ph would do the job, and if it is the cause of your root problem then switch to a hydroponics that is balance free.

Generally, marijuana plants are very sensitive to the changes in its environment. A sudden push of outside and unknown pressure can disrupt its balance and growth. Which is why growers carefully measure everything and every management should be on scheduled chronologically. And did you know that too much sun exposure can also damage the root system? That is why most growers placed marijuana plant in a secured and controlled environment. If you go and proceed with this venture, seek advice first or researched the basics.