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Are you having a hard time deciding what system to use like if you will go for hydroponics or the conventional farming which is with the use of soil? Yes, when it comes to cannabis farming, the options are quite vast especially that this is not permitted, more creative farmers are emerging.

Actually, both ways can yield the right quality of weeds so it is really all up to you. Though how you farm can affect the end result of your harvest, still this can be done in the two systems talked about here.

However, if you don’t have that much time to spare like you are a very busy person and there is no one that can assist you, you can just go for the conventional farming. You can still do this indoors as there are now so many accessories you can buy from the market.

But if you are just in your home most of the time and you feel like it is better to learn new technology, then why not go for the hydroponics system then! This system might be quite complicated to setup but since there is detailed information you can find online, you should just be fine. Besides, a lot of cannabis growers claim that this is also advantageous in a lot of ways.

But if you will really do a little digging, you will find the hydroponics system can be better for your plants if done right. You see, for the best results, your plants need four things such as:

  • Nutrients

  • Water

  • Air

  • Light

It may seem that growing outdoors is the perfect method using soil. However, the thing is they don’t need all the factors mentioned above in abundance. That means you have to control each of them and this is the part where planting them in the soil can be a struggle.

That is not the case when they are in a hydroponics system though as their environment is created. That means that you can also control everything to the exact amount of what your plants need. This is also the reason why a lot of farmers just go for the hydroponics system.

But then again, there is still a way to control these needs of your plants using the soil system. It is just a bit harder though because of the unwanted elements present in the soil.