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Among the many methods of framing cannabis, the hydroponics system is one of the most preferred especially if growing outdoors is not possible in the farmer’s situation. With this system, space will be saved and the cannabis plants will be fully regulated when it comes to what they get from their environment.

When you say hydroponics, it means that the plants will be grown with the use of water only and there will be no soil involved in any way. All the nutrients and their other needs will be added to the water.

This system is not easy to set up though. Aside from that, this is also more expensive at the start. However, when this will be done right, you can trust that your produce will be abundant and with high quality.

Before anything else, here are some of the most essential things you should know about hydroponics system:

  1. Almost all plants can grow in different medium and cannabis plants are no different. Though of course, the use of soil is the most basic method they can also grow just fine in water. The thing with the hydroponics system is the water is already rich with the different microelements which are quite essential in growing the marijuana plants. And if they will not be enough, the grower can easily add them.

  2. The water reservoir level that is used in growing the cannabis plants will also drop in time as aside from the fact that it will also evaporate, the plants will also absorb it. This is why you also need to watch out for this and make sure you can right away add tap water when the need arises.

  3. You need to refresh the entire set up every two weeks like changing the nutrient solution and changing the water as well. At the same time, the used equipment must also be cleaned with hot water in the same span of time.

  4. The space in between the plants must be taken into consideration. Each of them should just have enough space from each other or else, either they will not grow properly or you will just be wasting the space.

Yes, there is indeed a good reason why hydroponics system is highly preferred by most cannabis growers. However, one should note that the result here is not given and will only be satisfying when the process is done right.