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People who don’t have that wide a yard will be forced to find an alternative way of gardening if, the need arises. Like for example when one wants to ensure he has a steady supply of the wondrous marijuana plants, he can just use the hydroponics system and cultivate the plants indoors.

Hydroponics means “water work” in Latin language and indeed this is a water work. No soil is involved here and if you are interested in using this method, here are some of the top issues you need to learn first:

1. Most plants will not just survive in soil. They can also survive in water given that the nutrients they get from the soil will still be present. This is what will happen in the hydroponics system. Nutrients such as calcium, phosphorous, nitrogen, potassium and more must be present in the water for them to grow and produce a commendable harvest.

2. You need to regularly check the plants and the water as in time, you need to add a 3-days old tap water once you notice the water starts to evaporate. Note that the plants will also absorb it aside from that naturally, water will really evaporate.

3. You need to change the nutrient solution every two weeks. This basically means you have to change everything and be sure to wash everything as well with hot water.

4. Another thing you need to check from time to time is the roots. They must be trimmed when they are already quite long. However, always make sure they can still reach the bottom of the medium since most of the nutrients will end up there.

5. Do you know how to set up the ebb and flow system? If not, you should check online for some detailed tips. This is the kind of system that is highly recommended for those who are using the hydroponics method. Even if you are already a pro, this is still the best system to use.

6. It would be best if you use seeds when it comes to hydroponics system. You need not worry about the providers as there are already a number of them around. Besides, this way comes with a number of benefits.

Yes, if you don’t have that much lot in your area, you can just use the hydroponics system as if this will be done right, you will surely have a good yield.