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Are you thinking of doing marijuana for the first time? Do you have prior experience of marijuana consumption? How was your experience? Apparently, if you were looking forward to trying it again, it would have been relatively great for you.

However, for first time users, it would be a catch22 situation. However, you should not fret, as it would not harm you the first time, unless you become habitual. That would be after a long log time of regular consumption of marijuana. You may have several questions pertaining to your first time marijuana consumption. The most common query for first time users would be how much marijuana would be apt for them. Let us delve on it.

How much marijuana should you purchase?

When it comes to purchasing marijuana, you should be rest assured it would vary from one region to another. However, the average price per gram would be ranging between eight to twenty dollars. In case, you go beyond twenty dollars, they would recognize you to be a rookie. In event of you purchasing cannabis from a legal pot store, you should look for already rolled joints. Yet another option would be the eight ounce, which would be adequate to het you high once a day for a week, especially if you were a novice.

What should you expect as a first timer?

During your initial attempts, it would be advised to take it slow. It has been deemed the best strategy for novice. You should not look forward to smoking an entire blunt or going for bong hits. It would be in your best interest to begin with vape pen or shared joint. Take a couple of puffs and hold in it. You should only take more puffs if you do not feel high in the next 15-20 minutes. Similar to other things, when you try it for more time, you would start to feel comfortable with your body requirements.

It would be pertinent to mention here that mileage may vary from one person to another. Most people feel sleepy, anxious, euphoric or even hungry. Chances are higher that you may feel all the aforementioned symptoms. It would be pertinent to understand the fact that regardless what you feel, different strain of marijuana or cannabis would be having completely different effect. Therefore, you should be patient and switch up, provided you did not have the desired effect.