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As people become more aware of how beneficial marijuana is, they also become more interested in it. But since this is not the kind of plant that you can just plant everywhere, people are starting to cultivate them in a discreet manner.

While there are plants that can just grow in any weather, cannabis plants are not the same. You can say that they need tender loving care and they also need just the exact amount of some of the elements.

If you plan to become a farmer of marijuana, you need to know first its basic needs. Check this out:

The light

If you are cultivating the plants outdoors, this should not be a problem unless you have them during the colder season where you can hardly see the sun. However, if you happen to grow the plants indoors knowing this is still not allowed, then you need to find a kind of lighting that can replace the sun. It means that the light in your living room will not be enough. This is not a problem though as there are now so many grow lights available in the market these days. You can even find some of them online.

Carbon dioxide

Your plants will also need just the right amount of co2 and oxygen. I say just the right amount as too much or less than what they need will not be good for them. These two elements are the factors needed for the photosynthesis to work. Thus if you are growing the cannabis plants indoors, you need to make sure they are well-ventilated. It will also help a lot if you invest in input and output ventilators or fans maybe.

This is quite important and is worth checking as if the plants will lack ventilation, there is a good chance they will suffocate.


Water will always be needed by any plants. However, when it comes to marijuana plants, they need just the exact amount. Overwatering them will generate root problems as well as other complications.

With the wonders this plant can bring about, it is really worth all the efforts and the struggles. We all know that this plant can give relief to a number of serious health complications such as cancer and many others.

By knowing the basic needs of your marijuana plants, you should be able to harvest high-quality cannabis.