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We all know that instead of digging deeper, people tend to just believe stories they heard on the street. Thus if they hear the word marijuana, they right away feel a distaste towards the user. Chances are, they will even try to report him. They have this fear they will be victimized once such person will be intoxicated.

However, do you really need to be afraid of marijuana? Is it really the cause pf some gruesome crimes that are happening around us? I don’t think so! It is said that this particular plant cannot make you do bad things. It does not have that trait.
Yes, if you heard someone using it and end up doing things, that person must be troublesome in the first place that even when he is not intoxicated with marijuana, he will still do the same thing.

It is not the plant that is the problem here but the one using it. The thing is, marijuana can give us a lot of perks and this is even why a lot of people grow this secretly. Yes, if they grow this as they know it has a lot of wonders medically.

It is known to give aid to some of the most serious illnesses out there like even cancer at that. Not only that it can slow down the spread of the cancer cells, it can even kill them at times. And when a person is already on chemo, this plant can also work its magic so that such person will not be suffering that much.

So you know that this controversial plant can also help in treating glaucoma? This is a serious eye problem and it can make you lose your sight if you don’t watch it. This is what the researchers discover after seeking for a cure of this scary disease.

There are still a lot of health conditions that marijuana can treat. With so many people having lots of health problems these days, you can’t really blame them if they try to cling with this plant no matter if it is prohibited. They probably have this notion that as long as they are not abusing its use, the government should not deprive them of using it if it can give them relief to what they are going through.

Some people might think that it is just right this plant should be prohibited, but for those who benefit this medically think otherwise.