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For those who are farming marijuana for the first time, they might think that you can just harvest the plants anytime. You see, the quality of your harvest will depend on the process like if the plants are given just enough time. Yes, when I say just enough, it means that it is not too early and not too late as well.

Indeed the process can be daunting especially that you are a beginner in this activity. But by checking these tips below, you should just be able to have a great marijuana harvest.

When to harvest

The first thing you should learn is the right time to harvest your cannabis plants. So what are the signs that they can be harvested already? Using a magnifying glass, you should inspect the buds. If they are already cloudy and the color is almost reddish or brown, then they are now good enough.

The environment matters

When you are preparing the harvest, the environmental conditions are best to consider. As the odor of this plant can be really pungent, it is best to do the harvest in an environment where the circulation is really good. As a matter of fact, it would be best if the room is at least 70 degrees Fahrenheit.

Letting go of unwanted nutrients

Pro farmers would prefer to flush away unwanted nutrients as this process can purify their harvest. To accomplish this, you can flood the vessel with a heavy dose of water, two weeks before your D-day. The nutrient build-ups should break down in this process. After just a few minutes, you can repeat the process so that everything will really be flushed out. Besides, over-irrigating can also assist in the harvesting process.

Note that this process can make the leaves turn to light green and then yellow. To test if your goal is accomplished, you can try testing the juice from one of the stems. If it tastes bitter, it means that there are still unwanted nutrients. However, if it tastes as clear as water, then that is the right time.

Trim the plants accordingly

This should be done a week before the harvest. Different strains require different trimming process. You need not worry though as there are so many instructions you can find online.

Be patient

This is so true. You cannot speed up this process. You have to give enough time for the plants to be completely dry. This can take days before you can start the curing process.