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Have you heard about Tourette Syndrome (TS)? This is a kind of health complication that can start from childhood like from 5 to 10 years old. The thing with this illness is there is really no known cure and no known causes as well. Until now, it is still quite vague why one will have TS.

TS is characterized by repetitive movements called tics in the certain parts of the body’s muscles and voice. Though it is said that this illness will subside in time but there are also those that will worsen. Especially when the patient is overly excited or stressed, his TS will most likely attack.

As there is no cure for this like what is mentioned above, it is quite a relief for TS patients that cannabis plants are discovered to have a positive effect on this complication. Though of course, TS is not life threatening this can cause embarrassment as you can’t really predict when this will happen. The social life of the patient will surely be threatened.

Cannabis plants might not be able to eliminate this illness completely but it is discovered that this can suppress tics as well as address its associated behavioral problems.

Below are some of the benefits of cannabis plants when it comes to Tourette Syndromes:

  1. It can reduce the unpredictable compulsive behavior of a TS patient. As what is mentioned, once TS will attack, the result is not that great to look at. It will surely cause embarrassment as it can happen to a lot of people. It can make others stay away from the patient. With the help of cannabis plants though, this will be minimized.

  2. It can aid in the effectiveness of the conventional TS medications. As mentioned above, there might not be discovered medications for TS but there are medications that can help in suppressing the symptoms. Such medications will be maximized with the assistance of cannabis plants.

  3. Cannabis plants can also help TS patients to have a better sleep. It is said that once you have TS, you can hardly sleep properly at night and you will experience sleep latency. Cannabis plants, on the other hand, can promote sleep as well as reduce sleep latency.

There are indeed a lot of reasons why people secretly grow cannabis plants. TS is just one of them. There are still a lot of serious illnesses that can be addressed by these banned plants.