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Marijuana or cannabis has been closely related to the spiritual awakening of an individual. By spiritual awakening, it doesn’t mean the religious beliefs of a person but the flow of energy through his body that creates consciousness. Just like us humans even the marijuana plants are vibrational beings that manifest’s energy. Therefore, when you consume cannabis it opens up the seven chakras in your body to allow the flowing in and out of energy from your body.

How Marijuana Does Effects The Seven Chakras In Our Body?

When we smoke marijuana it doubles the size of our chakras which increases the flow of energy through our body. The energy that flows in helps us to heal and create pure consciousness. Marijuana plant is often addressed as ‘the plant of knowledge’ by the spiritualists because the energy field of the marijuana plant contains both chemical and electrical information that helps us to achieve a state of calmness.

The Different Chakras

There are a number of chakras located in our body but, we are primarily bothered about the seven main chakras that form the base to channelize energy to different systems in our body. A healthy chakra system builds a strong field of energy that protects you from your surroundings. Smoking Marijuana helps the body to maintain a balance between all the chakras and also helps the body to restore the energy levels. If the chakras are depleted then it will have a negative impact on our body therefore, it is important to maintain a balance and this is where marijuana comes of help.

  • Chakra 1: The Root Chakra which channels energy to the eliminative system.

  • Chakra 2: The Sex Chakra which channels energy to the reproductive system.

  • Chakra 3: The Solar Plexus Chakra which channels energy to the digestive system.

  • Chakra 4: The Heart Chakra which channels energy to the circulatory system.

  • Chakra 5: The Throat Chakra which channels energy to the respiratory system.

  • Chakra 6: The Third Eye Chakra which channels energy to the endocrine system, central and the peripheral nervous system.

  • Chakra 7: The Crown Chakra which channelizes energy through our entire body that can be used by all the other systems in our body.

Using marijuana or cannabis in the right amount can truly help an individual to achieve peace of mind and calmness.