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Man has always suffered not because of the matter concerned but by the wrong technique of its use. The same poison of the snake gives life when it is used with the proper procedures and precise measurement. Further only after the valiant effort of Christopher Columbus we learned that the world is not flat and no one would go out of the world if he sails beyond the horizon. Marijuana is no exception to this rule. Its proper usage can be a real blessing and inevitable tools in the hand of humanity in its creative evolution.

To cope with the pace of the world

The world is gathering extra pace every day along the lines of development to exhaust the man to the maximum extent possible. Here marijuana has acted as a friend but initially because of the wrong ideas from the back.

Medical uses of marijuana

The extensive recreational usage has almost forced the government to make an inquiry about the reality that marijuana has any beneficial effect in the medical field. Research shows that really it helps amazingly but when taken in proper dosage and under strict supervision. Some of the benefits are listed here:

  • Cancer treatment: Marijuana helps to fight the spreading of cancer cells. It is a proven theory, and it slows down the growth of tumors in heart, brains, and lungs. Moreover, the tremendous pain and nausea as a result of chemo are also lowered to a great extent.

  • Heals brain after stroke :

After much experiment researchers have come up with a view that marijuana is a good healer for brain after mild strokes. This healing effect is due to a reduction in the size of the affected area.

  • Brings you a proper sleep

When taken under strict supervision marijuana can bring you a good sleep devoid of nightmares. It works as a promising sleeping aid which lowers your body’s anxiety and tension thus releasing the pressure.

  • In treating Glaucoma

By lowering eye pressure, it helps in the treatment of glaucoma and prevents blindness.

  • Lowers Arthritis pain

The tremendous pain of the disease can be lessen

  • Relieve Pain of Multiple Sclerosis

When other medication fails smoking marijuana lessen pain

  • Lowers Tremors of Parkinson

Tremendous pain and tremors of the disease are lowered by its proper use.

  • In the treatment of Hepatitis C

It helps in the effectiveness of the treatment by checking the side effects.

Basically, marijuana helps in lowering the tension, pressure, pain, and stiffness of the patient condition thus relieving the disease.