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For most people smoking is hazardous to health. But, as the title suggests not all smoke is created equal. When the comparison comes down to weed vs cigarettes, let me tell you smoking weed is not even close to being harmful when compared to cigarettes. The rumours that you hear about weed is misleading and exaggerated. It is not an opinion but it is a scientific fact that smoking marijuana is far better than smoking tobacco.

How Is Smoking Marijuana Better Than Tobacco?

To answer your question, you need to go through the following points given below.

  • Weed is not addictive like tobacco is and therefore, pot heads do not chain smoke. The more potent weed a person uses, the less he will use it.

  • We all know that tobacco contains nicotine which is harmful for our bodies because it hardens our arteries and leads to several heart and lung diseases including cancer. But, when it comes to marijuana, it is completely nicotine free.

  • Smoking tobacco leads to cancer but, as far as weed is concerned several studies have shown results in the favour of marijuana. Based on the results of these studies, marijuana is found to be effective in shrinking the cancer cells and hence, it prevents the cancer from spreading any further. However, cannabis related cancer treatment is yet to be invented.

  • Marijuana contains a bronchial dilator known as THC. It works like a cough syrup and helps your lungs to get rid of dirt and smoke. Whereas, tobacco does just the opposite because of its nicotine content. It blocks your lungs and may lead to choking and severe coughing.

  • Marijuana is considered to improve the functioning of your lungs by reversing the effect of tobacco. Whereas smoking tobacco doesn’t have any such benefit.

  • Smoking marijuana has a plenty of health benefits such as it helps you to lose weight, prevents certain diseases, relieves a person from pain and discomfort and improves sleeping patterns. But, as far as tobacco is concerned, it has nothing to offer except damaged lungs and a list of life threatening diseases.

According to most studies, cannabis has been proved to be of great medical use including the fact that it is capable of treating cancer. And, this is the very reason that it has been legalised in a number of countries.