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It is the oldest plant used by the humans for a medicinal purpose. The strains of marijuana which are actually coming from the land of Central America, Asia and Africa are the strains of Sativa. This plant usually has thin Leafs, narrow leaflets, tall size and long distance between internodes. It also takes a long period for flowing starting from 10-20 weeks. It is difficult to grow by non-experienced cultivators while growing it indoors. Many strains of Sativa were crossed with the Indicas for regulating the size and flowering time. It can be easily consumed in the daytime without the fear of getting stoned or high.

Effects of Sativa

Sativa has the power of uplifting the mood and produce simulations and is regarded to be a psychedelic species of cannabis. It does not make you feel stoned, and it produces enough energy to do any daytime job with proper mood. It induces the socialization, writing, reading and artistic creation. Some strains can also create some kind of anxiety but it also helps to reduce depression, fatal medical condition, and eating disorder but as it makes you feel more energetic hence not used for treating anxiety or insomnia. It creates some psychedelic effect as it has a high content of THC than other strains.

Strongest Sativa strains

  • Ghost Train Haze

  • Strawberry cough

  • Cinex

  • Chernobyl

  • Durban Poison

  • Super silver haze

  • Cinderella 99

  • Laughing Buddha.

Characteristics of Sativa

  • It is grown near the equator like in Mexico, Thailand, Southeast, and Colombia.

  • The leaves of Sativa are slender.

  • Sativa is mostly grown in outdoors because of the immense height that ranged up to 20 ft.

  • Sativa has the flavor of pine.

Sativa is not that potent like the other strains, but there are certain strains of it that is very much powerful. Marijuana has many medicinal values, and each strain of marijuana carries some effect of it. People are not much aware of the medicinal values of Sativa so they must learn about it properly and check various methods to consume Sativa like mixing it with tea or by smoking it directly. The THC content of marijuana is what makes every strain different from the other. The THC content of Sativa mostly depends on how properly it has been cultivated. Sativa has many benefits and quite the opposite to that of Indica. So it is necessary to study the characteristic of each strain to see if it can heal your medical condition.