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While you must be too excited to start your cannabis farming project, you should prepare yourself as this is not the kind of task where every path is paved. There will be bumps along the way you need to overcome or you won’t get the bounty.

That is right and one of the most commonly reported problems is when the buds will take too long to mature. While you still don’t experience this, might as well learn why this can happen and what can you do to prevent this or to troubleshoot in the event this will really happen to your plants as well.

Here are some of the possible reasons why the situation above can occur:


When you choose the strain to farm, you should learn everything about its genetics. There are real strains that will take longer to mature compared to the others. Some of them can be found in Sativa, XXL, and haze. However, you should know as well that they also come with good returns as usually, they yield more.

Maybe your expectations are unrealistic

You see, the length of the plants to mature will actually depend on your expectations. Enriching yourself about the strain you use should enable you to expect realistically. You can first dig into it online. Actually, you are quite luckier now because of the availability of online information. There are so many of them thus you only need to check them out.

Heat stress

Sometimes, heat stress can also be the culprit. Yes, your plants need light to grow well but when it is too much already, it is not also good for them. The thing with plants like cannabis is they need just the exact amount of things, no more and no less.

Led lights

There are also times when your choice of led grow lights is the reason. Well, you might not be able to resolve this and you only need to wait. But you should take note of this so that the next time, it won’t happen again. You can also ask beforehand before buying the led grow lights.

You can’t really expect for your cannabis farming to be all smooth. Just like what the others have experienced, you might go through the same hardships. You just need to be patient because as they say, no pain, no glory!