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A lot has been said about the legalization of marijuana. So many people are claiming this should be legalized. This is not easy though as even if medically, you can say that this popular plant can indeed give relief to serious diseases, still it is attached to so many gruesome crimes.

Well, of course we cannot also right away jump to the conclusion that cannabis is indeed the source of many evil things that are happening around us. After all, if a person is really intent in doing something bad, he can make use of just anything.

So it is really right that marijuana should be legalized? For those who are into this, here are strong reasons why the government should indeed think about this deeper:
Trying to prohibit people from using this actually costs the government a lot. Apprehending, imprisoning and more has create a lot of havoc, not only to the economy but also to the lives of some people who are actually law-abiding and are just using the prohibited plant responsively.

Criminalization of the use of the said drugs actually did not affect to the number of users or the amount of usage. Until now, drugs are still persistent and to think that the government has already used a lot of money for this task. It only means that this problem will never be solved.

There is no denying that it has a lot of medical use. This is probably the reason why the use of this will never be stopped. When it comes to saving lives, people can be really brave and persistent. No matter if they have to face serious consequences, they are ready to test the waters.

There is nothing really wrong of legalization and if you think about it, this cannot increase the use of this plant in an abusive manner. Instead, because it is legal, everyone will be open about it thus it will be easier for the government to catch those that will abuse it. Just like how they manage the use of alcohol, they can do the same thing with marijuana.
Well, it is all in the hands of the people who have the power to legalize this. No matter how the people will bark, at the end of the day, their signatures will still be the final verdict.