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Marijuana, a recreational drug been in use since times immemorial boasts multitude of benefits. The countries around the globe, few of them have included them under the lists of harm causing drugs like alcohol, cigarettes and tobaccos. The reality is not as such, the Marijuana is a culmination of many aspects that help in vitalizing and rejuvenating human mind and body. There are protests all over the world to legalize Marijuana and even some of the well-versed people support this campaign.

Countries where Marijuana is legal:

From the below list, one can figure out that some of the most progressive countries in the world have legalized Marijuana at different levels.

  • Canada

  • Germany

  • Columbia

  • Australia

  • Italy

  • Austria

  • India

  • Netherlands

  • Poland

  • Russia

  • Spain

  • Uruguay

  • United States of America

Reasons to legalize:

There are constant debates and articles up on all kinds of mass communication means, print media and electronic media on whether the usage of marijuana should be legal or not. Most of them are churning out positive sides of this wonder drug.

Some of the mostly discussed ideas on why marijuana should be legalized are as follows:

Cheap and excellent recreational drug:

The marijuana helps in fighting against fear and anxiety. It gives an instant boost to the cells of the brain. There is a customary practise existing in the Odisha state of India, where people smoke marijuana under a huge tree especially in the start of a week to beat Monday blues. This proves that Marijuana is poor man’s drug when rich can afford the expensive cigarettes and alcohols; the marijuana serves this very purpose to a poor man at lesser prices.

Poor farmer’s saviour:

When most of the food crops humans consume are dependent on the dark skies, this plant can grow abundantly in clear skies. This plant owes to be beneficial in producing Hemp, which is the newly discovered gem rich in dietary fibre as well as commercial fibre used to make clothes and bags. This can serve as a supplementary income to the farmer during his times of distress.

Not just a recreational drug:

The marijuana is not just a recreational drug, but also has plenty of medicinal properties. It can fight against the cancerous cells, helps in cutting down the seriousness of Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s disease.

Criminalisation of a commodity does not benefit a society as a whole. It is evident from the above-discussed ideas that marijuana is a very useful plant as some of the leading countries in the world are supporting it. Therefore, marijuana overall is a very potential plant and has to be legalized throughout the globe.