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For a new cannabis grower, especially if he will choose the white widow, there will be a number of options to decide. There will be some questions in their heads as well.

One of the options one should decide on is whether he will grow the white widow outdoor or indoor. For those who are not familiar with the white widow strain yet, this is really more for the indoor environment. However, as this is a hybrid strain, this can be grown outdoors as well.

Another option to consider is if the grower will choose to use seeds or clones. When you use seeds, you then need to buy cannabis seeds or white widow strain seeds from a seed bank.

What are the benefits of using white widow seeds?

  • There is a good chance you will really end up with quality seeds if you ensure that you get them from established supplier. By quality, it means that yields are better and duration of the flowering phase is shorter as well.

  • You can also get seeds that are feminized so that you can be sure that you will get a female plant. This can be a start of your own strain so that the next time, you can just use clones.

When it comes to cloning, it means that you will cut a stem from the mother plant in which you have to root is using the hydroponics system. The thing with cloning is you will get exactly the same strain as the mother plant.

What are the benefits of cloning?

  • The topmost benefit when you use clones is the fact that you skipped the germination process. You Instead of having to wait for days just to start seeing the stems, you will use the stem to plant right away and will just wait for it to root.

  • You can expect more harvest because of the fact that you cut off the time in getting the harvest in the first place. Thus you can easily start another set of cannabis right after you are done harvesting them.

Just one thing though, because cloning is an artificial way, this might be more complicated and the cloned plants need more tender loving care until such time they can be considered as stable.

Generally, cannabis plants need a lot of tender loving care whatever type strain they might be. And as a new grower, you still have a lot to learn. It is just a good thing that there is a lot of online information that can assist you in making wise decisions.