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While marijuana has some very good effects on human lives, the consumption of marijuana is still illegal in many countries, though, many other countries have already legalized the consumption of marijuana. Today, we shall discuss on four main reasons as to why countries should start legalizing the consumption of marijuana.

The reason behind the legalization of marijuana in many countries

We are going to illustrate mainly 4 reasons as to why the legalization of marijuana should be brought forward and hence, letting you decide if the proposition should be accepted or not.

  • Marijuana acts as a medicine: If you take out time and make a list of the benefits that cannabis has on human health and specifically the benefits of marijuana on human health, then probably it will take pages for you to complete the list. Thus, so many health benefits if marijuana can bring, then obviously it is a medicine.

  • Uplift of economy through marijuana: Marijuana does have some serious consequences on increasing the economy of a certain country in which it is legalized. This is because of mainly two reasons. The first reason is the reason of addiction. It is very difficult to know the number of people in thousands or lakhs, who bring in marijuana illegally for their consumption due to the addiction. The second reason is the vast benefits it has. The moment it is legalized, a major part of medicinal companies will shift to the application of marijuana, thereby increasing the economy of the company vastly.

  • A final call to the drug trade internationally: Today, marijuana is being imported to countries where it is not legalized from countries where it is legalized. This is the first thing which will come to an end. The vast numbers of trading value will decrease, thereby, not only making drug trade a less hectic activity, but also a very easier topic which is to be dealt with.

  • Make your country somewhat a better place: Anxiety, depression and pressure are the three most important factors leading to suicide of many people. Marijuana has the power to battle all three together. So maybe legalizing marijuana can bring about some change.

This was all for the reasons as to why it should be legalized. What do you think about this topic? What is your point of view on legalization of marijuana? Will it be of any importance or will it be not of any importance?