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If you have been trying a number of times but still the end result of your cannabis farming is far from what you expect, maybe the problem is because you have not taken good care of the seedlings. Yes, you also need to take care of the seedlings if you want a better result.

Taking care of the marijuana seedlings though can be complicated. But you can just be fine if you follow these tips below.

1. First of all, you should know that the seedlings are quite delicate thus it is your call to ensure they are properly protected. The seedling stage is the time when your marijuana plants are susceptible to threats as this is the stage where the plants are most vulnerable. If you will be able to be successful in protecting this stage, then I say you have the best foundation thus better result is most likely.

2. The first thing you need to do is ensure that pests like rodents and others will not be able to eat the seedlings. Yes, they love to eat them and this is why you should shelter them and protect them from these pests at all cost.

3. Seedlings might need protection from the different pests that might eat them but that is only what they need. They also need a lot of elements like the right amount of sunlight as well as water for example. It goes without saying that the soil where they are planted should never be completely dry and they should always be exposed to sunlight.

4. As mentioned above, they need the right amount of the elements. They can tolerate too much or less than what they need. However, most farmers are problematic when it comes to watering them as most of the time, they end up actually overwatering them for that matter. When there is too much water, the lack of oxygen will follow through and this can cause withering of the leaves. Thus you will notice that your marijuana plants have yellow leaves.

If you are not after the result, you can say that it is easy to grow cannabis. However, if you are aiming to produce a high-quality harvest, then you should be careful in cultivating them right from the time when they are still seedlings, until such time when they are ready for harvest.