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Though we can’t deny that some of the most gruesome crimes are caused by the abuse of marijuana, we cannot also deny the fact that if used responsively, this can also save lives. So it is just a matter of using this supposed to be a miracle plant in a responsible manner.

But because of the fact that there are so many abusers in this earth, this very controversial plant takes too long to be legalized. While there are so many groups of people who are fighting real hard to convince those who are in power to allow the use of marijuana, they seem to be ignored for the time being.
In lieu of their fight, here are some of their reasons why the cannabis plant is actually not harmful:

Far from being a gateway drug

According to some, the use of marijuana is a portal to something dangerous. However, according to a 12-year university, this is not the case really and in fact, it is far from such assumption.

Good for the lungs

This is the result of a research done by the American Medical Association. They claim that using this plant can actually increase the lung air flow and thus increases its capacity.

Aid of cancer

We all know how scary cancer is and until now, cure for it is quite hard. This miraculous plant though is said to slow down the growth of any cancer and that is due to its THC and CBD components. It is even said that there are times when it can really kill cancer cells.

Aid of chemo

For those who are already in a chemo as part of cancer treatment, this plant can be their ally. It is already a well-known fact that chemo can be too hard on a patient. However, with the aid of cannabis, his discomforts will be at least minimized.


As people age arthritis is just a common occurrence. But with the help of marijuana, one’s discomforts because of this complication will be relieved. He can sleep better and the pain is less as well.

Yes, marijuana might be known to cause problems, but a lot of health professionals claim that is not the case really. So whether they will be able to convince those people inn power or not, that is just a thing we have to watch out.