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Nowadays, one can easily learn a lot of things by checking some of the tips accessible online. Like for example when it comes to cannabis farming, even when the grower is just new in this industry, he can still successfully harvest better yields by following detailed tips online.

Before starting to cultivate though, the first concerns of farmers should be the kind of strain to use. There are different types of cannabis strains and sometimes, there are strains that will not go well with the colder season. This is why if you happen to be living in an area where colder seasons are more frequent, you should know what types of strains will be the most appropriate.

Check below the best strains you can use for colder climates:

1. Critical

Choosing this strain will give you an easier time in tending a marijuana plant. Aside from the fact that this can go well in a colder weather, you can also get a lot of good things from this. Its cycle time is shorter thus you can surely harvest a bountiful yield before the frost can set. Not only that, this strain is also known as resilient, strong, potent and vigorous.

2. Somango XL

This strain will generate cerebral rush but without you feeling tired or maybe lethargic. If combined with Critical, this can fend for adverse conditions and can, therefore, be able to fight even during not so cannabis friendly weather. If tended right, you will enjoy your fruit of labor by the end of September.

3. White Widow

This is one of the most highly preferred as well as most popular strains. This strain is already available for decades and never then loses its appeal to the cannabis growers. If tended right you should be able to know why this is really the Dutch favorite by the end of October.

4. Skunk XL

This is the outcome of a thorough breeding program that is meant to produce the most contenting skunk. The result is just amazing as this strain is the superlative of everything you love about skunk. Yes, this is really worth tending and one should be able to harvest in the middle of October.

Choosing the right strain depending on your area and on what you need, will give you contentment come harvest time. This is why familiarizing some of the marijuana strain is really worth it.