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Out of excitement, most marijuana growers tend to harvest the crops at an early age to save time and sell it outright at a certain price. With these tendencies, most marijuana growers forget one important matter to consider, its taste.

Novice growers, especially those who don’t have much experience growing it, reap the plant even if the buds are not mature. The right process in growing marijuana takes a lot of time and patience. Proper treatment and handling of the plant is needed to get the euphoric taste consumers want.

Here are the following techniques on how to properly process marijuana from drying to preservation or curing process:


  1. The process starts when you cut off the plant from its main root. After cutting the plant and shedding off excess leaves, most growers hang them upside down, evenly spaced to get off the excess water off the plant. Do this until the buds are dried and stems can be bent.

  2. It usually takes about 3 to 7 days for it to completely dry properly and naturally. During the process, make sure you don’t use artificial drying equipment such as microwave to hasten the drying process, this will only make things worse and taste terrible.

  3. Once completely dried and not brittle, it’s time to transfer to a mason jar. Mason jars are airtight, other containers with an airtight seal can also be used. Put in as much marijuana plant but don’t overcrowd it. The lesser the air inside, the better.

  4. For safety purposes, you can check it every day for 1 to 3 weeks if moist build up or the glass jar is sweating. If moist build up, take them out and lay them over a dried newspaper to get off the last remaining water.

  5. Once it’s dried after getting the moist off, repack it and place in a cool dry place. Fridges are a good choice but need to watch out for the natural tendency to cause humid effects. Jars should be airtight.

  6. After some time, probably less than a month, you can have a stash of marijuana at your disposal.

If improperly reaped and processed, unwarranted effects follow. You surely don’t want to lose customers because of a simple mistake of not waiting for proper timing, right? If you encounter mistakes during the curing process, then search the internet for solutions or if molds grow in the plant, take necessary precautions. You can adjust the temperature, humidity and hang them with proper space from one another to avoid contamination.

You can also ask experts or navigate the web for more information. There are so many things at your disposal, so handle it with care.