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Landlords will always have the rights when it comes to his property. After all, it is his property and he will be the one to deal with the repairs in case some of the tenants will leave behind damages. Thus sometimes, landlords are quite careful and strict especially that they also have to comply with the requirements of their insurance company.

As you probably know already, cannabis is another name for marijuana and for sure, though you might not be familiar with the word cannabis, you are quite acquainted with the word marijuana. However, some of the things you heard about this plant might be played up. It means they are exaggerated.

This does not mean though that cannabis doesn’t have their own bad sides as that would be playing up as well. But the thing is, cannabis plants have their good sides as well and a lot of them I may say. They can deal with some difficult to cure illnesses like schizophrenia, Tourette Syndrome and still a lot more. It is even said that they can give relief to cancer patients. With this fact, it is not surprising that there are a lot of people who are trying to secretly grow marijuana even in just small amounts.

This is where the problem starts between tenants and landlords as most tenants in areas where cannabis plants are totally or semi banned, secretly grow marijuana in their apartments without the landlord knowing of course.

Another reason why a typical landlord will have a hard time letting their tenants grow cannabis is that of the insurance concerns. If the property is used in growing marijuana plants, most insurance companies will not insure the place. This is because according to them, cannabis plants can easily damage the property since they generate a good amount of humidity inviting molds and other bacteria to start developing.

But according to the law concerning about this issue, it is actually okay to grow up to 4 cannabis plants in every residence. Yes and so if you are a tenant and this is also your issue against your landlord, you can tell this to him and start growing at your own dose of marijuana in your own rented apartment.

We cannot blame the landlord of course. But since a minimal amount of cannabis plants are allowed, this should not cause any damage to the property thus there is no need for them to be alarmed.