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Talking about creativity, almost all of us are natural. However, being creative can surely only go a long way since not all the time one will enjoy what is readily available. Like for example when it comes to medical marijuana, knowing that this is still prohibited in some places, one doesn’t have to really smoke this and invite nosy looks from neighbors.

Enjoying the medical capabilities of cannabis does not always have to come from smoking them as one can also eat them the way you eat cookies or cake. You can cook your marijuana plants and can have them in a cookie form. They call this cannabis edibles or cannabis-infused foods.

The primary components of cannabis-infused foods are cannabinoids and THC. These two components are what set the cannabis edibles from being just like other foods. They are also one of the reasons such foods are called cannabis edibles that can be eaten both for medical and recreational reasons.

Thus it goes without saying that it is impossible to cook cannabis edibles without these two components. Nevertheless, before cooking the cannabis plants, you must heat them first because if you will just cook them as is, there is no THC component there but THCA which is not in a psychoactive state.

Other substances that must not be absent when cooking cannabis edibles, are fats or oil and alcohol. This is because cannabis-extracts are oil-soluble and cooking them using water is useless.

Why eating cannabis edibles are said to be better than smoking marijuana?

  • If you are not really comfortable in smoking anything like even ordinary cigarette, eating cannabis edibles is the best option.

  • You can measure the amount of cannabis-infused food you take the way you would with a regular medicine. Consistency is important when it comes to meds.

  • For those who are suffering from insomnia or a kind of pain, this method is really helpful. The effects of the cannabis-infused foods cannot be felt right immediately and it will take about an hour and a half and can last up to 6 hours. This can act as a sedative on the brain.

  • Medical marijuana is already legalized in some countries but still not allowed to others. Thus secrecy or being discreet still matters and the use of cannabis edibles is surely the best way.

Though cooking cannabis might not be new, still taking medicine in this form is simply awesome.