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More and more people want to have their own steady supply, especially that this superfood plant seems to be full of wonders, according to some recent discoveries. And the thing is, despite such positive reports about cannabis plants, they are still not that easy to access since they remain prohibited in some states.

Growers have a lot to watch out though when growing cannabis as if there are strains that might be easy to grow, there are also those that needs more effort and attention. The main factor that can enable cannabis to grow faster and healthier is light and because of that, more and more methods are coming up in relation to this fact.

One of the methods that are really effective for the distribution of light for your cannabis plants is the SCROG method. What is SCROG?

SCROG means screen of green. It means that your cannabis plants will be grown with the incorporation of a green screen. This method is used by most cannabis growers and you will learn why later on. The objective of this method is for the plants to be even so that each of them will be exposed to the grow light provided. This should be done in such a way that the low stuff will be pushed up and the main cola down.

Things to know about SCROG method:

  • You can use just any type of strain with SCROG method. However, as there are strains that will stretch differently, you have to check out some online tutorials on how to train them.

  • SCROG method can also be used with soil, but this might not be easy to set up and maintain compared when you will use the hydro system. This is why when talking about SCROG method, most growers choose the hydro system.

  • SCROG can be used with cloning as well. However, this might be kind of hard. Use your creativity as growing cannabis is all about experimenting with new ways. You can also check out some forums as you might find useful information on how they do cloning using the SCROG method.

Another thing you must remember is to only use female cannabis plants. You see, if you have to wait for the flowering stage before you pull out the male cannabis, some of the space in your SCROG setup will be left empty by then. Of course, it will be too late to redo the entire SCROG system just to eliminate the empty space. This is why you should find a way to learn about the gender of the seeds before including them in your SCROG system.