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Marijuana is a miraculous plant, and it has many benefits on human health. According to research marijuana can be used for treating many fatal diseases, and there are many elements present in the plant that can be used to replace normal prescription medicines. It is a herbal treatment with no long-term side effects. It has many strains, and each strain has a particular effect on the human body. It has been made legal in 23 states and is still continuing its journey to become useful as medical marijuana. If it is taken in the right amount, then it won’t make the people high.

Diseases to be treated by marijuana

  • Gastritis: Marijuana can be used for treating gastritis as it helps to reduce pain and it can also stimulate appetite. It helps to relax the muscles in the gastrointestinal area. Marijuana can easily reduce the symptoms of gastritis and can heal the condition permanently.

  • AIDS: For treating aids the medicines that are prescribed will make the patients suffer from pain or irritability and can also feel no appetite. Marijuana can increase the hunger and will help to get rid of the pain. An Aids patient will generally suffer from depression, and it can be used for reducing depression.

  • PMS: The symptoms that occur due to the premenstrual syndrome can be healed by marijuana. By intaking marijuana, one can reduce cramps and abdominal pain.

  • Painkiller: It can be used for treating the pains that occur in the neck and back portion. It can reduce such pain by taking opioids painkillers that can get you addicted and hence medical marijuana is more preferred. It won’t produce any side effect is totally herbal.

  • Asthma: We all know smoking anything will surely have a negative effect on your body. But marijuana has a little or no side effect on our lungs, and surprisingly it can be treated increase lung capacity. It helps to dilate the human airways and helps people who are suffering from asthma.

  • Alzheimer: In Alzheimer patients, it will show many improvements by delaying the process. Alzheimer occurs due to the secretion of beta-amyloid protein and marijuana can stop the secretion of this enzyme. It can delay the symptoms or the condition from getting worse.

There are many more diseases that can be treated by using marijuana. Starting from some minor diseases to fatal once everything can be cured by this medicine if taken in right proportion.