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Are you planning to grow your own cannabis plants? If this will be the first time you will do this, you might need some tips. The thing with cannabis is because of the fact there are states that restrict this, a farmer will most of the time do this in a discreet manner.

However, if you are one of those who are lucky and can just do this outdoors as long as the number is controlled, these tips are for you:

The first thing to do is choosing the right strain. There are a number of options thus if you are not confident about this task, you can check online for tips. There are times, the quality of your harvest will depend on this.

The right spot

Unless you are using the auto-flowering strains, you should make sure the plants will be exposed to the rays of the sun. They will need this in order for them to grow as you expected. Yes, this can be a challenging task, again due to the fact that you cannot just expose this type of plant but then again, this is a must and you should be resourceful.

If you are using seeds, it is highly recommended to germinate them in spring. Yes, for farmers who happen to have Mediterranean climate might best germinate their plants as early as the first week of April but if you have a cooler climate, doing it in spring is the best time.

Prepare for the outdoor space

While you are still having the plants indoors, it is the best time to prep the outdoor space. Yes, you can have them directly on the soil but that should be advisable only if the condition of the soil is excellent since you will have less control over it. But if that is not the case, the best thing you can do is to use large pots like what most other farmers are doing.

Prep the soil

After preparing the space, you can now start with the soil. You need to use high-quality soil which you can find at a local garden store. Be sure the soil can really be the perfect home for your cannabis plants.

When everything is done, you are now ready to move the plants when the right time will come. Indeed your plants will need tender loving care if you want the best results.