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Some drugs are termed illegal in most nations because they are indiscriminately used and abused by users. A good example of these drugs, which are originally used for medicinal and magical purposes in ancient days but abused casually in recent times, is Cannabis. However, there are lots of myths rampaging that industry which people need to really need to know the truth behind them. Below are few myths about cannabis you should know.

#1: Storage in body fat

It is mythic that the active ingredient in Cannabis called THC is usually found associated with body fat which has a long-lasting effect. Its presence in body fat is not deleterious to the fat, the important body parts and the fact that it can be detected for a long period of time is the only valid part of this myth.

#2: Loss of memory

One of the myths about cannabis is that it impairs the retentive capacity of the brain. Although scientifically proven in the laboratory to be factual, it is believed to have effect after intoxication. New information is usually hard to retain after intake save the information acquired prior to the use of cannabis.

#3: Facts from science

The harmful nature of the intake of cannabis which is believed to be scientifically proven is a myth. This belief comes from the quote from the peer-reviewed British medical journal which says “the smoking of cannabis is not harmful to health; even on a long-term. However, the danger of the use of cannabis has no scientific validation.

#4: Reduced performance level

The intake of cannabis leads to a reduction in the level of motivation of its users. But this is only a myth because research points out that cannabis do not have a relationship with decreased performance and its users tend to be highly paid far more than non-users. Moreover, the indiscriminate use of any intoxicating substance for a long duration of time impairs an individual’s performance level.

#5: Cannabis causes addiction

Drug rehabilitation is prevalent in developed countries like the United States of America due to the incessant use of intoxicating drugs like cannabis. There is a myth describing cannabis as being highly addictive but research shows that most drug addicts just need dependence to break the habit itself- not the addiction.