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There are three different types of strains of marijuana. That is Sativa, Indica, and Hybrid. Cannabis Sativa, as well as cannabis Indica, were discovered many years back, and the hybrid is a new product. The quality of the strain depends on how it was harvested and the climatic condition of that part. Different stains have a different effect on human body. Some will make you feel relaxed while the other will make you feel energized. Depending on the strains, the various medical conditions are treated by each strain.

Categories of marijuana

Indica: It has come from the region of the Hindu Kush which is near to Afghanistan. A person who has a good knowledge about marijuana knows that Indica is the strongest weed. For protecting itself from harm climatic conditions, these weeds grow thick coats like resins. The quality of Indica will depend on the flowering time and the area where it is grown. The famous flavors are the Northern Lights and Granddaddy Purple. In-taking this strain will make you tension free and you will be relaxed and would want to just lie on your couch.

Sativa: This strain is particularly used in the daytime because of its high energizing power. It is great in treating depression as well as exhaustion. This plant grows to a height of 20 feet, and it has loose branches, and it is quite narrow. When a person takes this strain the creative side of them is said to be exposed, and their mood is uplifted. It is used for curing mood disorders. The famous flavor under this strain is Lemon Haze, Sour Diesel, and Jack Herer.

Hybrid: A hybrid is formed when the seed of various geographical areas are then crossed germinated in order to balance the two strains of marijuana. This helps you to enjoy the best of both the strains.

There are many benefits of marijuana and hence used for medical treatment. The compound that is present, namely THC and the CBD has a unique property. Starting from glaucoma, epilepsy, nerve disorder, prevent the growth of cancerous cells, treating depression to sleeping disorder, it can cure any chronic disease. Because of its miraculous property, it has been made legal in 23 states. This plant is serving the medical field for more than 5000 years. If you want to opt for this, you must ask for proper advice from doctors and do a little research as the effect of marijuana depends on the body of a different person.