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Cannabis is a tall plant having glandular hairs and serrated leaves, which are divided. It is used for producing the psychotropic drug in ingestible, vapor form or extract. Marijuana is a dried preparation of flowers of female hemp plant and leaves. This is also used as an anti-inflammatory and psychotropic drug.

Cannabinoid is the main class of secondary compounds. It has good medicinal value and is responsible for intoxicating the cerebral high. It also has other medicinal properties like pain-relieving, anti-proliferative, anti-spasmodic, anti-inflammatory, and much more. Before learning about cannabis lingo, here are few terms related to it, which you must know if you are a beginner.

How to Consume Cannabis?

Ingestion: Ingestion is one of the primary ways to consume cannabis. This means that you can swallow cannabis, and it is digested and metabolized by your body. Unlike any other drug, edible cannabis can be consumed.

Cannabinoids: work well with fat food. If you have any fatty food, then try to consume cannabinoids. They bind to the body and help to break down the fats and get the food digested in a proper manner.

Inhalation: The other way to consume cannabis by vaporizing or smoking. Vaporizing means heating cannabis to release compounds, which are beneficial for your health. This is a healthier way of consuming cannabis because all the compounds that are beneficial for lungs are inhaled, leaving behind the extra stuff that is combusted.

Mucosal: Mucosal means absorbing cannabis through the mucous membrane. Under the tongue, tincture is one of the ways of consuming cannabis through the mucous membrane. This method of consumption acts way faster when compared to ingestion. They enter the blood stream quickly when compared to ingestion method where the food needs to be processed by the digestive system and metabolized.

It takes not more than 20 – 30 minutes for cannabis to show the effect by this method. In ingestion method, it takes around 2 hours for cannabis to be effective.

Sublingual is another way of consuming Cannabis through under the tongue tincture.


This is the most abundantly found cannabinoid as people breed for high THC. It has lots of medicinal properties like anti-inflammatory and pain relief. It works great in reducing anxiety and also works as a great anti-depressant. One needs to consult a doctor if they want to replace their traditional medication with THC.

So, these are some important terms related to cannabis lingo, which you should know if you are a beginner.