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Medical marijuana has been given legal status in a majority of states. It may be relatively small, but it is definitely growing number of cities and states that have made it legalized for recreational purposes. It would not be wrong to state that marijuana has still been the most commonly used illegal drug in the United States.

It would be pertinent to mention here that marijuana has a number of proven benefits. It would be inclusive of relief from long-term pain. However, smoking marijuana could have bad effects on the overall health. The worst could be having breathing problems or making it worse.

There has been federal ban on marijuana, which makes it harder to study its relative effects on humans. For instance, there has been little research existing on edible marijuana.

What are the major chemicals involved??

The dried flowers of the plant Cannabis sativa would offer marijuana. It has been known to offer more than 500 chemicals. Cannabis has been known to produce mind-alerting and psychotic effect on you.


The THC has been the main psychotic agent in marijuana. It has also been called delta 9-tetrahydrocannabinol. On smoking cannabis, THC would go into the bloodstream from the lungs. It would further travel into your brain. The compound has been popular for stimulating specific part of the brain, which is associated with sources of pleasure. It would release a chemical dopamine that would make you pleasurably high.

It could do the following:

1. Providing relaxed sense of overall well-being
2. Changing your sense of time
3. Hallucinate you
4. Make you scared, anxious and panic
5. Heightening the senses

The effect of THC could vary largely from one person to another. It could depend on the potential of the brain, smoking or eating marijuana and several other things.


It has been popularly called the cannabidiol. It has been another compound coming under close scrutiny. However, it would not make you high. Rather, it could provide counteractive measures to the effects caused by THC. The compound could help you bring down any kind of anxiety or paranoia.

Benefits offered by the cannabis plant

For a significant length of time, people have turned to the cannabis plant for medicinal benefits. Cannabis could provide useful with:

• Countering nausea and vomiting after chemotherapy
• Ongoing chronic pain
• Relief from muscle spasms or stiff muscles due to multiple sclerosis.

However, evidence is limited to the benefits offered by marijuana for improving sleep problems, anxiety, weight loss or loss of appetite suffering from AIDS.