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There are really a lot of times when a cannabis farmer feels depressed like he has this feeling that he will never become a pro in this craft. He thinks that he is the only one who always fails in getting the potency he targeted.

Are you like this as well? Do you easily feel disheartened and do you think that you have no hope? You should not be as what you’re experiencing right now is experienced by most breeders. They too have passed what you passed before they become a pro.

Some of the most unexpected events are:

  • Seeds fail to germinate

  • Problematic leaves like when they are discolored

  • The plants die unexpectedly

  • Problems in space like they grow bigger than expected or they become sickly

  • Lower yields

  • The taste, as well as the smell, are poor

More serious problems:

  1. Root rot

This can be resolved though and you can easily find some online information on how to save your cannabis plants.

  1. Stunted growth

You might experience that some of the seedlings did not pass their seedling stage. It seems that something is making them stagnant and indeed that is the case. It could be that they lack what they need or you have given them too much.

Note that when you will comply with the needs of the cannabis plants, they must be in an exact amount as too much or too little are both bad for them.

It could also be that the bulb is too close to the seedlings. If you are using a LED bulb, you should first dig about the appropriate distance so that your deeds will not get stunted. There is some online information you can easily check for this.

There are still a lot of negative situations you might encounter before you can get what you want. The thing is, when you are planning to be a pro, you should not be discouraged with some stumbling blocks. Especially when it comes to breeding cannabis, you will surely come across a lot of hardships.

This is the kind of plants that will take skills and knowledge before you can get what you targeted. If you fail the first time, you can always try again until such time that you will harvest the right potency. There will be a lot of aspects you need to research about thus you have to be patient.