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Cannabis sativa or typically known as marijuana is a very typical plant that grows almost everywhere in the world. Its abundance is astonishing that others have considered it as a business commodity. Growing marijuana is easy but you should have the basic information on its properties and survival ability to be able to master marijuana agriculture.

In the medical world, marijuana is a good alternative medicine for treating or minimizing the effects of certain diseases especially to patients who are in constant pain. That is why the number of marijuana agriculturist are vastly increasing in number. However, before one can establish or grow marijuana, you should know first what’s important and what materials you should need in order to grow them.

Tap Water: Best Water To Start With

According to experts, it is best to start growing marijuana with tap water and not treated water. Water plays a very important role in growing marijuana because plants won’t survive without an oxygen supply. Even during elementary days, all of us are educated that water contains a lot of natural nutrients and one of the basic elements for plant development.

Nowadays, because of technology and new discoveries, people are inclined to use the treated water because it is widely advertised to contain nutrients and are processed specifically to cater plant needs. However, these nutrients are artificially added and won’t stand a chance against the naturalness of tap water.

Benefits of Using Tap Water:

  • Budget Friendly: This is probably one of the main reasons why others prefer to use tap water. Starting a business isn’t easy because you need to manage the cost of each material to use. It is also unwise not to invest on the necessary materials if you want to succeed in your investment.

  • Right pH: Plants need the right pH in order to survive changes in the environment. Too much acidity and basicity can pose threat or cause slow progression of plant development. In order for a marijuana plant to grow perfectly, the water pH should be maintained at 5.5 to 6.0.

  • Abundance in Supply: There is no need to invest money on getting the water supply to make it last until harvest time because as we know, tap water is supplied in every area and part of every household. No need for tanks or series of additional water delivery since it is naturally provided.

Proper management and culturing can speed up the process of growing marijuana. It is important to consider the necessary factors. Always make sure to follow instructions given by the expert to avoid any problems in the future.