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Growing indoor plants such as Marijuana is an easy thing to do if you have all the things you need. One of the things you will need is an HPS or MH light system. But buying this system can be costly especially if you get it from a known or popular hydro store, but no worries, since you can do it on your own by buying the things you need separately.

Here are the basic things that you will need in creating your HPS or MH light system:

  • Ignitor (Can do without this for MH light system)

  • Capacitor

  • Transformer

  • 20 ft. of 14 gauge wire

  • Male plug set

  • 8 wire nuts

In buying the things that are mentioned above, you need to make sure that all the components are compatible with the line voltage in your house.

Here’s a summary on how to create your very own HPS or MH light system:

  1. Position the transformer for you to know which side is long and which side is short. Find the two wires that have a label “cap” on them. You can find them from the inside of the transformer humps.

  2. Find the wire that can be found on the long side of the transformer that has a label or “3” or “X3” then connect it to the wire from an ignitor that is also labeled as “3” using a wire nut.

  3. Figure out the distance of the bulb from the ballast and use heavy duty extension cords to lengthen the socket wires as much as you need to. The green wire will be used as a ground which will be connected or attached to the reflector on one end and to safeguard against the shock will be the transformer base which will be placed on the other end.

  4. Find all the white wires from the transformer, ignitor, and capacitor that is labeled with “com X2” or “com2” and connect these wires together using a wire nut. See to it that the connection between these three wires is tight and that no bare wire is visible.

  5. Locate the wire from the long side of the transformer with the label “lamp” on it along with the wire from the ignitor that is labeled “1” or “X1” and also the black wire from the socket. Connect the three wires using a wire nut again.

  6. Lastly, the two wires from the short side of the transfer which says “com” and “120” will go to your power cord. Cut the extension cord and remove the insulation from the cord for the three wires (black, white and green) to be exposed.