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Cannabis plants are said to be easy to grow and this is even the reason they are sometimes called weed as they can just grow anywhere. However, if you want the best result as for how you tend them will tell their quality, you should still provide your tender loving care.

Providing the needs your cannabis plants have is easier said than done. Yes, you can just provide the right amount of nutrients, pH, and many others. But there are times when managing them become struggling like when they start to grow too tall and will be hard to deal with.

The thing is when the plants start to grow too tall, they are not only hard to manage but there are also other risks in which one of them is the chance of your buds to get burned being they are becoming too close to the sun.

So how can you make your plants not grow too tall? Can you stop this occurrence? Yes, you can by following these tips:

If the plants are still in the vegetative stage, you need to incur drastic measures. Yes and you can just cut them down since in this stage, they can still grow especially if there are still many leaves left. Of course, this also means those stems and leaves you cut are your wasted time and energy.

Your goal should be is to reduce the height of the plants until half of your desired length during harvest time. Once the plants are on their flowering stage, you can then change lights to 12/12. This should enable them to double their size.

You can also move the tallest plants away from the lights so they will not be directly exposed. You can just have them in one of the corners of your growing room.

You can also bend them if this will work. Yes, this can work and this cannot work. At least if this won’t work, you still have the last but more drastic option and that is to cut them short as what is mentioned above.

The cannabis plants might just grow easily but for them to grow as you want, you have to exert more efforts. This way, they will be more manageable and it will be easier for you to make them obey your commands. It is just a good thing there are now online tips.