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Undeniably, inhaling or smoking marijuana will give a great pleasure and relief for the people over taking a small pill for headache. Marijuana is an herbal plant that is loaded with many medicinal properties and chemicals that cures various health issues and gives a great recreational pleasure that is impossible to get with other drugs or pills.

The concentration level of this drug varies from one plant to another. However, there are many drug stores who are selling this drug at a reasonable price. You need to buy marijuana produced from the top brand. There are different ways embraced by people to consume marijuana.

Few of them include smoking, edibles, topical, vaporizing, tinctures, suppositories, dabbing and transdermal patches. Each one has its own benefits and the dosage delivered by no two ways are the same. With little patience, you can find the right way to consume marijuana and reap its benefits.

The marijuana doctor will help recommend the right marijuana for your health related issue. However, you can decide the best way that works best for you to consume. When you have thorough understanding about marijuana and its chemicals, consuming this becomes less intimidating.

There are three different types of marijuana plants available. These include sativa, indica, and ruderails.

Few of the benefits that are offered by sativa marijuana include

• Provide relaxation
• Improve sleeping pattern
• Keep nausea at bay
• Reduce inflammation problem
• Reduce fatigue
• Relax muscles after arduous workouts
• Improve creativity
Sativa benefits includes
• Boost energy
• Increase appetite
• Elevate mood
• Relieve you from nausea
• Gives high clarify and help you stay focused

There are hybrid form of this drug available which offers you with many medicinal benefits including reduced nausea and boost relaxation. However, you should not ingest the high dosage of this drug, since this leads to side effects. The components present in this drug will also offer therapeutic benefits.

Here are a few compounds that are found in marijuana.

• CBD: This is the key compound that is found in marijuana and possesses rich medicinal properties. CBD relieves you from pain, reduce inflammation, keep anxiety at bay and avoid various other severe health conditions.
• CBC: This gives a little sedative effect when you ingest this and when this is paired with THC, it relieves you from the pain.
• THCV: This compound would treat various health issues including diabetes 2 and metabolic disorders.
• CBN: This reduces strain on your eyes which is caused due to glaucoma and seizures.
• CBG: The anti-microbial properties will give sedative effect and reduce pressure on your eyes caused due to glaucoma.