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For newbies in cannabis farming, choosing the kind of strain to use can be daunting since there are so many of them to choose from. Sometimes, the quality of your harvest will also depend on the strain especially if you are in an area where the climate is not that the usual.

Checking out these tips below in choosing the most suitable strain for your situation might help considering that you are doing this for medical use:


This type of strain usually expresses physical characteristics. This is also known as more sedative, the kind of strain you will need if you are looking for a more relaxing one that offers that heavy-bodied and numbing sensation. This strain is great for relieving discomforts of health complications such as:


Chronic pain

Lack of appetite

Muscle tension

Muscle spasms

Anxiety (low doses)

Physical stress


Most of the time, this strain will just grow slowly and taller with narrow leaves. This is what you should use if you are looking for a strain that offers that more energetic effects which is what you will usually experience when drinking coffee. This strain is great for:

Chronic fatigue

Migraine and headache

Moderate pain relief


Depression (low doses)

Focus and concentration

Daytime relief


Though there are many hybrids when it comes to cannabis plants, one should know that there are actually wildcards. It means that their result can be more on sativas or indicas or well-balanced. This is why it is advised that you should do a little digging about the strain you plan to use if you will choose one of the hybrids. One thing though, most of the time, these strains are more potent than either the pure sativas or indicas.

Cannabinoid content

This is another important aspect to consider. Note that even if you might assume that the sleepy and psychoactive high is always associated when you heard the word cannabis, this will actually depend on the kind of strain. They produce varied effects thus it is still advantageous to do some research.

As a matter of fact, there are strains that will not produce a psychoactive effect and they are the best types for the elderlies and those still young medical patients.

Indeed it is always important to do some research when it comes to choosing the right strain. What you heard might just be opinions and assumptions. It is always the best way to check out the facts!