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Once you decided to grow your own marijuana, the next thing to decide is the location to have them. We all know that though this plant is wondrous in so many ways, still when ends up in the wrong hands, this can be easily abused and can cause serious damages.

This is why this is not that easy to farm as this is not allowed by the government. Yes, you can of course grow them in so many ways and one way to do is have them outdoors. As a matter of fact, a lot of cannabis farmers were successful in doing this in a discreet manner.

Growing indoors entail you to create an environment that will almost mimic the natural environment outdoors. You need some grow lights, ventilation systems, and more. Because of this, you will surely need a lot of energy to make your systems function.

This is not the case when you will have the plants outdoors as they only need the sun which is already provided, the soil which is also readily available, and water of course. It means that your needs will be less as most of them are already given by nature.

You can expect a better harvest for obvious reason. Yes, the natural environment can be copied but not completely. No matter how advance the technology is, it cannot still completely mimic the naturalness of the environment and the many benefits it can give to the plants. Thus the result is always better when the plants are showered by natural resources.

Of course it will be more affordable. You won’t be paying for the unlimited services provided by the sun and the nutrients that the roots of the plants can get from the soil. At the same time, the rain can also partly water the plants and you only need to assist it so they will really grow as you expected.

More yield. This is expected being all the resources you use are natural. Just the fact that they are exposed to the rays of the real sun and carbon dioxide is enough to think that they will grow really well.