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With marijuana becoming legalized and all natural, would you be telling your doctor about smoking weed?

The question to ponder upon is whether you should be telling your doctor about your weed consumption habit. A majority of states in US and across the world have given legal status to marijuana consumption. Despite that, in several states that lack marijuana legal status looks forward to medicate with marijuana. However, is would be ok to tell your doctor about your weed consumption habit. It would help the doctor handle your condition and prescribe mediation based on your habit.

Is it really necessary to tell your doctor about marijuana consumption?

Simply because you told your doctor about marijuana consumption, it does not guarantee access to good advice. Several states with medical marijuana cannot locate doctors for recommending medical marijuana to patients. At times, it would not be cost-effective for becoming registered to approve any patient for using marijuana. Moreover, the medical marijuana programs would be moving slowly to the start.

On the other hand, there would be doctors plainly refusing to suggest marijuana. For a doctor, finding a cause for recommending medical marijuana would still be coming with hazardous consequences. They would face federal punishments for prescribing marijuana, as it still is a schedule 1 drug.
Furthermore, several doctors would still lack the essential knowledge on positive and negative effects of treating specific conditions with marijuana. Presently, medical school programs do not teach comprehensively on the topic of medicinal marijuana. Actually, research has revealed that 90% of doctors do not have adequate knowledge on marijuana.

As a result, they are unable to assist their patients on deciding whether it has been the correct treatment for them or not.

Telling your doctor about smoking marijuana

It would be imperative to understand marijuana along with its potential effects as a treatment. It would require more work, much more than it has been done already. However, you should not fret, as you could tell your doctor about smoking marijuana. You should remember that honest communication with your doctor about your treatment would ensure you stay alive and well. It would be necessary, if you were using any other medication than marijuana.
Anti-depressants would not go well with marijuana. Aspirin could have grave side-effects when used with marijuana. Even alcohol could cause depression when made the most of with cannabis.

The conclusion would be that lack of knowledge on your weed smoking habit could end up hurting you. You should tell your doctor about smoking cannabis. It would do you a world of good.