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Everyone wants to have their share of the amazing cannabis knowing its wondrous medical benefits. There are two ways to farm this plant though: using seeds and cloning. A lot has been saying that cloning is more advantageous as it requires less time. However, you might be surprised to know that using seeds is actually more beneficial.

Indeed this is true and you can check the facts below:

Plants are stronger

It is imperative that your plants should be strong enough to withstand the expected threats of their lives. And this is what you get if you use seeds instead of clones. One of the biggest factors is because of the taproot that will grow after the germination phase. The clones may still develop roots of course but not the taproot.

More strain options

You need to consider a lot of things when choosing the kind of strain to use. Such factors include the usual climate in your area, the medium you plan to use and more. When you get to the seed bank, you will be presented with many options which are not the same situation when it comes to clones. Yes, clones are not easy to find thus you can expect fewer options.


Yes, this is also one of the good things when you buy seeds instead of clones. The suppliers are quite aware of the situation of cannabis farmers thus they will make sure the deal will be done with secrecy. The reasons clones are more susceptible to be known is because it is hard to transport it in secret.


Though the quality of the plants of these types of technology is usually sacrificed, that is not the case anymore these days. As a matter of fact, even the dankest strains can now be submitted to this innovation.

Less pests and diseases

Actually, that this means is that you can start with a clean slate and you have the chance to control the environment of your plants which is not the case with clones. The reason is that whatever diseases the mother plant has will be passed on to the clones. Besides, even if the clones are clean at the start, because of the fact that they will still be transported, there is still that chance.

After reading this, you can now weigh things whether you will use seeds or clones.