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If you think that Cannabis is a gateway drug, then think again. Not a drug when not abused, cannabis is instead a healing herbal extract that’s used by many doctors as a prescribed medicine to help relieve the symptoms of stress and anxiety. That being said, people are only aware of the notion that cannabis offers a euphoric high. Certainly true, but it also offers higher intellect and advanced spiritual benefits that no one talks about. It is these spiritual effects of cannabis that’ll be discussed in the guide below.

1. Meditation

Meditation is a state of utmost concentration that is related to the ultimate achievement of inner peace. Cannabis is a certain herb that gives the power to concentrate deeply. How? Well, it awakens the senses. As a result, the senses become hyperactive that gives you the strength to focus.

Precisely, the intention is what ultimately matters. If you consume cannabis with the intention of experiencing a high, that’s what you’ll get. But if you’ll use it with the intent of entering the state of deep meditation, you’ll end up healing spiritually.

2. Solitary Peace

It’s quite natural to feel spiritually at loss with the kind of life we live these days. Cannabis can, however, offer you solitary peace. Such inner wisdom will drift you away from selfishness and self-pity. In other words, connecting a person with the inner light of ultimate satisfaction is one of the best spiritual effects of cannabis.

3. Reasoning

Lack of reasoning is one of the reasons to feel estranged from the self of existing for a reason. But with cannabis, it is possible to disconnect from all other thoughts and focus on self-improvement. Besides, it’s a well-known fact that cannabis is mythologically referred to ‘Lord Shiva’s’ favorite drink, Bhang. These are reasons enough to prove that cannabis has been used as a spiritual healing herb for ages.

Moving on, if you wish to consume cannabis with the intent of striking spiritual connection, it’s necessary that you focus on the following factors.

  • Be wary about the correct dose. It contains THC, and excess of THC will ruin spiritual effects. What you’ll get instead is a euphoric high.
  • Be ready to embrace the fleet of emotions that might run loose after spiritual awareness.
  • Stop overthinking and let your thoughts take over organically. Whether you’re seeking for some soul-searching or a way to get rid of certain guilt, let your mind get comfortable with the feeling first.