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Before talking on medical benefits of marijuana, it should be mentioned that cannabis laws vary by state in the US. If you feel marijuana can help your health condition, you must talk to a doctor first, who can prescribe medical marijuana, and you can buy it legally from a dispensary, provided medical use is legal in your state. Here are 10 benefits at a glance.

  1. For the treatment of glaucoma. Considered to be one of the leading causes of vision loss, glaucoma is serious and needs attention. Some studies have reported that marijuana may help in lowering pressure of the optic nerve.
  2. For chronic pain. Many patients, especially those suffering from cancer and AIDS, are often recommended medical marijuana for managing chronic pain.
  3. For killing cancer cells. While more research is required, there is evidence that marijuana can stop growth of cancer cells and prevent growth of such cells.
  4. For Alzheimer’s patients. There are studies that can indicates that marijuana can help patients in keeping calm, while another study found that THC present in cannabis can slow progression.
  5. For arthritis patients. Marijuana is known for its positive effects on pain and inflammation, and it can also help patients in sleeping better. Medicines like Sativex based on cannabis have been approved in Canada and some European countries.
  6.  For control of epileptic seizures. Although more research is required, a study in 2003 indicated that THC can have a have a role in controlling epileptic seizures.
  7.  For patients of Parkinson’s disease. People who suffer from Parkinson’s disease often have frequent tremors, and it is believed that THC can help in calming the same. Marijuana may have a role in treatment, provided more positive studies are noted.
  8.  For Crohn’s disease. Some researchers are of opinion that patients of Crohn’s disease can benefit from marijuana, which promotes appetite and can boost “intestinal function” in general.
  9. For anxiety. Owing to the euphoria that marijuana offers, patients dealing from severe anxiety may benefit from using cannabis. However, dosage is important in this case, because higher doses of cannabis can worsen the condition.
  10. For muscle spasms. While marijuana is known to be good for pain, it can help with most kinds of muscle spasms, at least that’s what some of the studies have revealed.

Whether you should get marijuana for medical reasons depends largely on the diagnosis and treatment of your doctor, so don’t just rely on studies alone.