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Cannabis plants choke in the presence of other plants, especially the ones from the Urticaceae family – says who? This is the myth that the guide below is just about to burst.

Nettle Purin plants, also known as Stinging Nettle, from the Urticaceae family that’s a native to Asia and Europe are known as companion plants. They can help in marijuana cultivation in a number of ways. So, the next time you find these trichome producing plants in your Cannabis garden, do not pluck them away. Why? Well, simply cruise through the uses of nettle purin in Marijuana crops to get the answers.

1. They Help In Killing Pests

Stinging Nettle is bundled with a lot of nectar. Ladybugs catch this sweet scent and are attracted to the Cannabis garden. How does that helps in killing Cannabis pests? Well, ladybugs eat mites, spiders, and other soft body microbes. They also eat Aphids – a bug that feeds on plant leaves. All in all, ladybugs are a great way to keep the garden pest free and Stinging Nettle is the greatest way to invite ladybugs in the garden in the first place.

2. They Make Cannabis Plants Tastier

Nettle purin triggers the production of terpenes in Cannabis plants. And terpene is known to be the flavor-enhancing enzyme within Cannabis.

Besides, it is a scientifically proven fact and not some widespread rumor. Terpene is a secretion of the trichome glands. And the entire process of increasing terpene in Cannabis with the help of Stinging Nettle is known as the Entourage effect.

3. They Are Perfect Fertilizers

Stinging Nettle is bundled with some amazing nutrients like amino acids, zinc, calcium, iron, and potassium. They also contain abundant vitamins. These are all the nutrients that Cannabis requires for growth.

Therefore, you can leave the dying Nettle purin in its place since it will eventually mix in the soil and cannabis will be able to feed on all those nutrients. Also, you can intentionally add Nettle purin in your compost as an external fertilizer since they are bio-activators.

All in all, despite being labeled as weeds, Stinging Nettle plants help in increasing the growth of Cannabis crops. The more nutrition cannabis plants get and the lesser pests they attract, the more is the yield. On a parting note, you can also boil Nettle purin and use the liquid to water your cannabis crops.