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Medicines have evolved throughout the years. Medications has helped millions of people around the world it treating certain diseases thanks to the ancient scientists who discovered different sorts of compounds that can increase the immune system of a person and fight back to their sickness, from chemically formulated medicines to the alternative herbal medicines, can extend the life of a person if used properly.

Most of the chemically formulated medicine contains side effects that can also harm a person. Although it cures the patient, but it has setbacks that are minor but can still complicate different parts of the anatomy of a person.

  • In curing cancer, physicians require cancer patients to use chemotherapy to kill the cancers cells that is reproducing in the body. Cancer is considered a deadly disease which can evolve to higher stages. Chemotherapy treatment has also setbacks like other medicines as it can also kill healthy cells in person’s body. There are alternative medicines that most doctors won’t suggest as it needs further studies and it is not clinically proven by most of the doctors worldwide.
  • Medical Marijuana or cannabis is well known for its healing capabilities. Since its discovery, physicians tried using marijuana in curing cancer and it has been a success, the only setback that a patient can get is getting high as the plant contains elements that elate a person like opium which is an illegal drug. Luckily for Canadians, Medical marijuana is legal and patients can access to quality weeds without getting the risk of harmful side effects coming from man-made medicines.

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Yes, we are just quite lucky that there are open minded governments out there like in Canada. Their doctors can include the product of this plant in their prescription. This is really something to be thankful for knowing this plant can give relief to so many serious illnesses. We just wish that someday, the legalization of marijuana will happen not just in Canada but also in other parts of the world like in the country we live in. This way, we don’t have to farm them discreetly and will have a hard time doing so.