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After the legalization of marijuana in different parts of the world, its usage has shot high. This brings to notice the case of yellow leaves during growing cannabis. With these observations come the questions regarding what it is, is it safe to consume, etc. So here answering all the myths and questions about the same. Especially if you are planning on growing your own marijuana then this information will come handy.

There can be a number of reasons behind the formation of yellow leaves; here we are listing the common ones:

1) Yellowing of leaves is known as chlorosis and there can be a number of factors that can lead to the same. Right from loss of chlorophyll to other essential nutrients, the reasons can be many.

2) An effective wet-dry cycle is essential when cultivating cannabis. Overwatering or under watering the plants will be detrimental and cause yellow leaves.

3) The perfect pH level for the growth of the plant needs to be maintained and also there needs to be a decent supply of the required nutrients in the soil otherwise the effect can be observed during the bloom.

4) Improper fertilization can be yet another causal factor that leads to yellowing of cannabis leaves. So before you set a fertilization routine, you must check for organic options and obviously the natural fertility of the soil.

5) Artificial lighting is what under which cannabis grows and so if the light source is close to the surface then there are chances of spotting light burns among other effects.

Now that we have listed the issues, let’s talk about solutions:

1) Understanding the post-feeding behavior of the plant will allow you to understand its level of water requirement which will help you set the standard.

2) A pH pen or pH regulating fertilizers can be introduced to the soil and its effect can be observed in the plant.

3) There is the industrial dosage of the amount of fertilization required for the plant, if one sticks to the same while doing the cannabis gardening then it will lead to better results and lesser yellow leaves.

4) As we all know that lighting does play an important part in the growth of the plant, it is essential to study the same and use the best configuration.

Cannabis farming is not an easy job and requires constant effort from your part to reap the benefits.