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Marijuana is known for a lot of things. Those in the medical field know about the medicinal benefits of the plant while the recreational users know about the euphoric high that it gives them. Well, this induced euphoria is because of the presence of THC in the marijuana strains and the amount of this differs from one plant strain to the next.

What is full spectrum THC oil?

The cannabis plant contains about 500+ medicinal compounds. Now, all these come together and collectively show the overall effect of the plant. It contains cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, etc. which need to be regulated in order to gain the full benefit of the plant. So, the full spectrum basically means to introduce to the oil the full profile of the extracted bioactive compounds that are originally present in the strain of the cannabis plant. In the full spectrum method, the less favored components like lipids, fats, and chlorophyll, etc. are removed and only the useful ones are saved for further usage.

The process of doing this is meticulous, costly, and requires a good strain of the plant along with the right equipment and personnel to get this done. It gets difficult to source full spectrum products that are blended carefully using the right environment-friendly methods.

Benefits of using full spectrum THC oil and cannabis extracts:

1) Though the CBD extracts of the plant have proven to be useful, the entire strain of the plant has been effective in the treatment of health concerns like pain and inflammation.

2) Various compositions of CBD and THC have proven to be the right treatment for the ailment of various diseases.

Now, it must be noted that the cannabis plant as a whole is useful and individually the 500 compounds that make this plant are also effective in their way of working. A full spectrum allows you to retain the required properties of the plant and make specific combinations as per requirement. So, all these compounds have a useful, therapeutic benefit of their own but also they can synergistically provide more benefits than any single unit. In the cannabis industry, this is known as the entourage effect.

On that note, we would like to mention that the plant can help with gastric as well as neurological disorders. You can view all full spectrum products at and enjoy the benefits.